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Transforming a RAM 2500 Power Wagon into an Overlanding Dream

Transforming a RAM 2500 Power Wagon into an Overlanding Dream

Juniper Overland recently unveiled one of its most ambitious projects yet—a comprehensive upgrade of a RAM 2500 Power Wagon, turning it into an overlander's dream. This build, which includes the installation of an Alu-Cab Alu-Cabin Canopy Camper, exemplifies our dedication to quality, functionality, and attention to detail. Here, we'll walk you through the highlights of this remarkable transformation.

The Vision

Our goal was to enhance the already capable RAM 2500 Power Wagon with modifications that would extend its off-road capabilities, comfort, and utility. Understanding the needs of our customer, we focused on upgrades that would support extended off-grid exploration without sacrificing the vehicle's inherent strengths.

Upgrades and Modifications

  • Front-End Enhancements: Starting at the front, we capitalized on the Power Wagon's factory-equipped Warn winch, adding a Garmin power switch and PowerTrays for clean and serviceable wiring. This setup powers Baja XL Pro ditch lights, S2 fog lights, and S2 rear lights, ensuring visibility in all conditions.

  • Under the Hood: A crucial upgrade was the installation of an ARB twin compressor under the passenger seat, powering the vehicle's air needs directly from the cabin.

  • Suspension and Wheels: We chose the Carli Pin Top kit, designed specifically for the Power Wagon, complemented by fabricated radius arms with limiter straps, an upgraded steering stabilizer, and high-capacity coils. Method 703 wheels and Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires were selected for their all-terrain durability. An AMP Research step was added for ease of access, alongside AirLift airbags with DayStar cradles for towing capabilities.

  • Exterior Features: The back of the camper was equipped with a GP Factor drop-down table with a cutting board, an AT Overland Jerry Can Holder, and various mounts for propane and external gear. For added convenience, a RIGD Ultra Swing was installed for carrying a full-size spare, bike racks, or towing small trailers.

  • Camper Customizations: Inside the camper, we installed a Dickinson Marine heater, Goose gear drawer modules for storage, and a 70 L National Luna Dual Zone fridge/freezer. We also added a custom 12-gallon water tank with exterior fill capabilities, a 315 amp hour Dakota lithium self-heating battery, and a 2000 W Red Arc inverter, all managed by a Red Arc Manager 30 and TVMS kit for efficient power management.

  • Innovation for Comfort: For outdoor showering, a FrontRunner swing-out arm was integrated, supporting a shower cube directly beneath the camper's window. This setup is powered by a Camp Lux instant water heater connected to the custom water tank.

  • Connectivity and Power: To ensure constant connectivity, a Starlink flat mount system was paired with two 130 W Overland Solar panels, ensuring power and internet access even in the most remote locations.

The Outcome

This build represents the pinnacle of overlanding preparedness, blending rugged capability with the comforts of home. Juniper Overland's commitment to quality and functionality shines through in every detail, from the strategic selection of tires and suspension components to the innovative use of space and technology within the camper.

For those inspired by this build or looking to embark on their own custom project, Juniper Overland stands ready to bring your vision to life. Our expertise in creating vehicles that push the boundaries of exploration reflects our passion for adventure and the great outdoors. Contact us to explore more about our services and to start planning your own overlanding journey.

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