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Our "Jon-ny Partner" is your camp-site's best friend. It holds 65-man days. This comes with a sealing lid for transporting and an RV cleanout system. Since it is all aluminum construction, odors will not build...

Available with lead time

With the Handy Battery 3300, you will be able to use the Wrappon PF-1 Toilet System even in places where there is no power or during power outages. Since it is a lithium-ion battery, it can...

Available with lead time

The Wrappon PF-1 portable collapsible toilet system is an innovative camping toilet that wraps and seals in waste and odors without using any water. Operation is clean and sanitary because waste is wrapped after each...

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    Available with lead time

    The "Day-Tripper" is a smaller version of the Joh-ny Partner. All accessories are compatible to the day tripper, and the usage of this is exactly the same. The aluminum tank makes it easy for cleaning...

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