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Who is Juniper Overland?

Juniper Overland is an off-road and adventure vehicle outfitter located in Denver, Colorado. Our mission from day one has been to supply our clients with the finest equipment available for vehicle-supported travel. We help our clients outfit their vehicles for all types of vehicle exploration. Whether the Journey is the destination or you’re looking for a way to better support your outdoor recreation, Juniper Overland can help outfit your rig.

Why choose us?

Having been outdoor and 4×4 enthusiasts long before the word “overland” was a part of today’s household vocabulary, we leverage that knowledge and experience on behalf of our customers. We don't just sell anything and everything under the sun in order to make a profit. Instead, we focus on products that are top in their category and we're extremely familiar with from using on our own personal rigs. While we have a special place in our hearts for Toyota 4×4’s we also enjoy working on a variety of vehicles including domestic pick-up trucks, Jeeps, Land Rovers, and Mercedes.

Industry Expertise

Years and thousands of combined hours working on overland vehicles gives us the advantage over new and inexperienced shops. We've been at this from the beginning, not when it turned into a "fad".

Trusted Brands

Our goal is to extend your trip and keep maintenance to a minimum. We only use products from brands that we trust to work day in and day out. Keep going knowing that your vehicle will too.

Warranty Support

Our installation work is warrantied so you know you can trust that we'll get you back out and on the road quickly. Top products in the industry ensure that warranties rarely happen in the first place.


Our customers love us

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