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Scout Campers
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Charged by nature

If you're reading this, you are likely just as passionate about the great outdoors as Scout Campers. It is this shared passion that connects individuals and inspires new ideas, stories, and adventures for generations to come. While RVs and truck campers have always provided a means to explore the world, Scout Campers recognized that they didn't quite fit seamlessly into nature. Thus, their story began as an endeavor to create something truly inspired by nature's beauty, simplicity, and ever-changing essence.


Energy efficient design, lightweight build, and charged by solar energy. No hook-ups are necessary in nature.


Everything you need to travel down the forest road and beyond. Nothing but the core essentials.


Portable amenities and features that offer more versatility when traveling like being used outdoors and on other adventures.

Built to Last

All-season protection under an aluminum exoskeleton and no-wood composite structural panels that will never rot.

The ethos and passion of Scout

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Scout Campers embraced the ethos of doing things differently. They set out to design an adventure vehicle that could effortlessly blend into any terrain, venture far beyond traditional campsites into nature-rich landscapes, and pay innovative tribute to the protection of our planet unlike any other camper before. Thus, Scout Campers was born—an invitation to travel lighter, more sustainably, and venture further off the grid.

In these times where protecting the environment is more crucial than ever, Scout Campers is determined to do its part. They offer an eco-friendly camper that harnesses renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability extends to the camper's lightweight design, minimizing environmental impact. By making amenities portable, Scout Campers encourages users to spend more time outside, investing in their greatest passion—the shared passion that unites them and keeps them connected to nature.



Starting at $16,500

Ringing in at just 638 lbs, the Tuktut is perfectly sized to accommodate a wide range of midsize trucks, including the compact Ford Maverick, Jeep Gladiator, Ford Ranger 5’ bed, Toyota Tacoma 5’ bed, and more. Sized to sleep 2, with aftermarket customization leaving open the possibility for additional children or pets.

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Starting at $22,495

Everything you need to venture off the beaten path. The Yoho is a backpack for your truck – inside it contains all the camping equipment you need for off-grid adventures and the portability to take out and use features outside too. Built to fit mid-sized trucks, with a base weight of only 934 lbs, and sleeping up to 4, truck camping just got lighter, greener, and more accessible.

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Starting at $23,990

The ultimate adventure basecamp. This highly versatile, lightweight truck camper was designed for adventurous families, outdoor enthusiasts, and weekend warriors. It’s built for full-sized import and domestic trucks, sleeps up to 6, and has a base weight of only 1081 lbs. The Olympic has everything you need to off-grid camp in comfort and nothing that you don’t, with plenty of options for adding portable features that suit your unique lifestyle.

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Starting at $26,990

Explore without limits. The Kenai offers those modern comforts on the road that are non-negotiable to some, and for others, total luxuries. This model may be the biggest and full-featured, but as a member of the Scout family, it remains true to its values: minimalist, lightweight, and off-grid capable. Sleeping 4-6, weighing only 1265 lbs, and built for full-sized short and long box trucks, this might be the most practical truck camper ever made.

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Prices do not include freight, taxes, and installation fees.


The strongest aluminium bed shell on the market. Alu-Cab canopies are meticulously engineered to provide the best locked interior storage while being half the weight of the competition. 

Models & Fitments


Alu-Cab designed a camper that combined the best of both worlds: the lightweight and low-profile benefits of a modular canopy, combined with the versatility and spacious living quarters of a camper.

Lineup of Campers

Rooftop Tents

In a market saturated with RTT options, Alu-Cab stands out from the rest with industry-first and unique features from built-in solar input & heater port. Slim profile or full of features, Alucab has it all.

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For seasoned campers, an awning is very often the first accessory they bolt to their vehicle, knowing that the ability to cast as much shade as possible (in the quickest time) is crucial to overland travel.

Awning Shapes & Sizes

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