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Sitting Down with Ryan Trudgian from Scout Campers - MOORE Expo 2024
At the 2024 MOORE Offroad and Overlanding Expo in Springfield, Missouri, Dylan Deeds from Juniper Overland sat down with Ryan Trudgian, a sales rep from Scout Campers. This interview, set against the lively backdrop of the expo, aimed to shed light on the work and passion behind Scout Campers. Dylan and Ryan talked about how Scout started, what makes their campers unique, and what's next for camping and overlanding. If you're curious about the future of camping and the innovation at Scout Campers, you'll want to dive into this conversation.
Transforming a RAM 2500 Power Wagon into an Overlanding Dream

Juniper Overland recently unveiled one of its most ambitious projects yet—a comprehensive upgrade of a RAM 2500 Power Wagon, turning...

DIY Guide: How to Maintain and Repair Exterior Edge Seals on Scout Campers
Keeping your Scout Camper in top shape is key to ensuring your adventures are as smooth as the roads (or off-roads) you choose to travel. But what happens when those crucial exterior edge seals start showing signs of wear and tear? Our latest guide at Juniper Overland is here to empower you with a simple, step-by-step DIY process for maintaining and repairing the exterior edge seals of your Scout Camper. From the tools and materials you'll need to the actual repair process, we've got you covered.
Exploring the Tuktut: Scout Campers' Latest Innovation for the Adventurous Spirit

In an era where the call of the wild beckons louder than ever, Scout Campers has unveiled its latest marvel,...

Top 10 Most Unique Features of the Ineos Grenadier
When it comes to the world of rugged, off-road capable SUVs, the name "Ineos Grenadier" might not ring as many bells as some of its legendary predecessors. But this newcomer to the 4x4 scene is changing that narrative swiftly. The Grenadier is the brainchild of Ineos Automotive, a subsidiary of...
Boost Your Scout Camper Power with Dakota Lithium & RedArc for Longer Off-Grid Adventures
Are you tired of running out of power during your camping adventures? At Juniper Overland, we understand the importance of staying connected, comfortable, and fully powered while on the road. That's why we're excited to show you our latest Scout Camper power upgrade featuring...
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