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What we do

Juniper Overland creates adventure vehicles of the highest quality to allow you to explore remote locations with peace of mind.

Vehicle Customization

From suspension upgrades to vehicle equipment, our shop can install a comprehensive range of options to suit your specific needs. Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest level of service, ensuring that your overland journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Suspension Upgrades

One of the best ways to improve the ride height, performance, and comfort of an overland vehicle is with a suspension upgrade. From springs and shocks to upper and lower control arms to bump-stops and airbags, we have partnered with many of your favorite brands to provide many options to suit your particular needs.

Bumpers & Armor

Bumpers, Sliders, and Skid-Plates are some of the best investments in protecting your vehicle from animal strikes and direct contact with the trail environment. Bumpers can also make easy work of adding additional equipment such as auxiliary lighting, recovery points, and winches. Invest in the best to safeguard your off-road excursions.

Wheels & Tires

Nothing sets the personality of a vehicle like its wheels and tires. Increased height, durable sidewall, and appropriate tread for the trail you're on are all important features when traveling overland. Not to mention you want something that looks good and performs both on and off the trail.

Wiring & Battery Systems

We complete more wiring and battery upgrades for vans, truck campers, and overland vehicles than any shop in Colorado. In fact we have now partnered with our local competitors that were recommending their customers to us due to our reputation and workmanship. This provides winning solutions for all parties involved, and we are very proud!

Storage & Interior Layout

Now that you have all this great stuff now its time to keep it properly stored and secured. Don't underestimate the importance of protecting the equipment, the vehicle, and its occupants from your pile of gear you just tossed in the back. It also makes items easier to find, keep clean, and faster to pack up when it's time to get going.

Shelters & Awnings

From pop-up wedge and flip-open style toppers to to truck campers to roof tents we sell a variety of products to accommodate a variety of styles and budgets. And whether you need an awning to go with one of these great shelter options or as a stand alone fitment we have options.

Vehicle Equipment

Don't forget about all the extra goodies that get bolted to the vehicle that don't necessarily fit into the other categories. Don't see something? Check our online store or ask us if we can get it.

Our customers love us

The folks at Juniper were great to work with throughout the buying process of my Scout Kenai. Very responsive. Install was on time and done quickly. The walk-through of features was very nearly all encompassing. Great experience so far. Will update periodically as I return for upgrades, repairs, etc.

Craig S.

The folks at Juniper are great. They are a go to resources for overlanding. They we're super helpful every step of the way during the process of buying my Scout Yoho camper.

Ben M.

These guys are great. Juniper installed a rooftop tent, awning and accessories. Everything was perfect from the install, to communication, to after sales support. They spent a lot of time understanding my needs, explaining options and making sure I had the best solution for what I would be doing. Everyone at Juniper Overland is extremely knowledgeable and responsive.

David D.

I have ocean's of gratitude for Juniper Overland. Their products, service, professionalism and communications are exemplary; this is what makes small, main street businesses such a critical part of our economy and culture. Juniper Overland sets the bar high for all other businesses to model. Thank you Juniper Overland!

Nicholas T.

Amazing shop! Great people and super helpful in getting my service needs buttoned up. Visit the showroom, it's beautiful! The team is great to work with, highly recommended!

Barry P.

Folks at Juniper overland are very thorough and helpful. Setting up our camper and truck involved many decision points and cost. Juniper helped me through each point to make sure not to make costly mistakes. Truck is now a beast and we enjoy it for skiing trips.

Cenk T.

I’ve been a customer of Juniper Overland for more than 5 years. Every interaction with them has been both educational and rewarding. Their products, services and staff have provided great insights and assistance as I’ve navigated my way through the many options available for overlanding travel. Always a great experience working with them and being the downstream beneficiary of their extensive knowledge and top-shelf services.

Steve D.

The folks at Juniper Overland did an amazing job! Every bolt, rivet and accessory was installed to perfection. I can’t say enough about their staff and the quality of their work. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build out their vehicle for any kind of adventure.

Michael C.

Why choose Juniper Overland

Design & Planning

Professional planning and installation for a better adventure.

We can design and build the overland rig of your dreams. If you need guidance with a high-level idea or concept, require assistance selecting parts, or are ready to execute on a list of your own ideas we can create a budget and timeline to see your project to completion. Whether this build is accomplished all at once or over the course of well considered stages, we can help. We take great pride in listening to your goals and ideas so we can offer thoughtful recommendations and guidance for your project.

Service & Parts

Do you own an overland rig that requires the expertise of a professional? Looking for parts as a do-it-yourselfer?

We are here to help! Our skilled team can service electrical, water systems, appliances, all the way up to large repair. We are also the #1 Alu-Cab dealer in America, so you can rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

Warranty on Work

You came to us for a reason!

Spend your time enjoying the trip. We stand behind the products we install and we only sell quality products that come with excellent support. It's that simple. And this means that warranty issues are rare in our business. However, there is noting quite as frustrating as spending a bunch of money on something to have it not turn out the way it was supposed to or require repair prematurely. And if that happens we make it a top priority for our clients to make it right as fast as we can, period!

What we've been up to

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