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Unique camper
& topper designs

AT Overland truck toppers are perfect for those looking for a solution in between a conventional truck topper or rooftop tent and a slide-in camper. AT truck toppers can be deployed in 3 minutes or less revealing spacious and comfortable living environments with full standup headroom and sleeping accommodations. They are lightweight and durable aluminum construction making them the right choice for the weight conscious adventurer. The extensive list of options allows for exact customization to your needs. Check out the Aterra™, Atlas™, Summit™ and Habitat™ models to see which one is right for you.

The ethos and passion of Scout

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Scout Campers embraced the ethos of doing things differently. They set out to design an adventure vehicle that could effortlessly blend into any terrain, venture far beyond traditional campsites into nature-rich landscapes, and pay innovative tribute to the protection of our planet unlike any other camper before. Thus, Scout Campers was born—an invitation to travel lighter, more sustainably, and venture further off the grid.

In these times where protecting the environment is more crucial than ever, Scout Campers is determined to do its part. They offer an eco-friendly camper that harnesses renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint. Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability extends to the camper's lightweight design, minimizing environmental impact. By making amenities portable, Scout Campers encourages users to spend more time outside, investing in their greatest passion—the shared passion that unites them and keeps them connected to nature.

AT Overland Topper Models


Starting at $13,900

Designed to fill the void between the traditional topper and slide in camper, the Habitat™ topper can easily be deployed by one person, revealing a cavernous and functional cantilever interior space. 

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Starting at $13,200

The Summit™ topper provides a durable, insulated and lightweight wedge-style pop-up shell for today’s fuel-efficient trucks, while still leaving room for individual customization.

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Starting at $14,300

Experience the ultimate in purposeful and high-quality equipment designed specifically for off-road travel. The Atlas™ topper offers a lightweight and insulated vertical pop-up shell, allowing customization while still ensuring durability.

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Starting at $20,500

For those who want to have the special Aterra experience and quality without having to convert your truck to a flatbed, this light weight yet durable honeycomb composite topper shell is the perfect canvas for outdoor aficionados and the DIY Overland truck building enthusiast to create the ultimate habitation system.

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Starting at $76,000

The Aterra XL camper is an innovative lightweight fiber reinforced thermoplastic honeycomb composite camper design. Engineered by Tern Overland and collaboratively built with AT Overland Equipment, it combines the best available materials and technology with expert craftsmanship that yields an exquisitely comfortable and practical camper. The light filled Aterra has a smart and comfortable interior living space with lots of convenient and practical storage solutions. 

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The strongest aluminium bed shell on the market. Alu-Cab canopies are meticulously engineered to provide the best locked interior storage while being half the weight of the competition. 

Models & Fitments


Alu-Cab designed a camper that combined the best of both worlds: the lightweight and low-profile benefits of a modular canopy, combined with the versatility and spacious living quarters of a camper.

Lineup of Campers

Rooftop Tents

In a market saturated with RTT options, Alu-Cab stands out from the rest with industry-first and unique features from built-in solar input & heater port. Slim profile or full of features, Alucab has it all.

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For seasoned campers, an awning is very often the first accessory they bolt to their vehicle, knowing that the ability to cast as much shade as possible (in the quickest time) is crucial to overland travel.

Awning Shapes & Sizes
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