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Boost Your Scout Camper Power with Dakota Lithium & RedArc for Longer Off-Grid Adventures

Boost Your Scout Camper Power with Dakota Lithium & RedArc for Longer Off-Grid Adventures

Are you tired of running out of power during your camping adventures? At Juniper Overland, we understand the importance of staying connected, comfortable, and fully powered while on the road. That's why we're excited to show you our latest Scout Camper power upgrade featuring Dakota Lithium and RedArc products.

In our recent YouTube video, hosted by Josh from Juniper Overland, we take you through a transformative camper power upgrade that we designed for a customer's Scout Yoho. This upgrade is designed to enhance your camping experience, making off-grid adventures more convenient and enjoyable.

The Core Components

The heart of this power upgrade is a 135 amp hour Self-Heating Dakota Lithium battery, paired with a RedArc Manager 30. This dynamic duo ensures your camper remains fully powered, drawing energy from multiple sources, including shore power, your vehicle, and solar panels.

Central to this upgrade is the installation of the Rogue TVMS (Total Vehicle Management System), which acts as the command center for all your camper's electrical needs. From controlling the refrigerator and lights to managing the heater and other accessories, the Rogue TVMS offers a centralized solution for power management.

Ultimate Convenience

Convenience is key, and that's why the RedArc display is strategically placed near the bed for easy access. It provides soft keys for turning components on and off, and there's even a smartphone app that allows you to control your camper's accessories remotely.

One of the standout features of this power upgrade is its potential for growth. With additional space available for more batteries, you can expand your power capacity for longer off-grid excursions. Whether you opt for a secondary 135 amp hour Dakota Lithium battery or go for the impressive 280 amp hour self-heating battery, you'll have ample power at your disposal.

Amplifying Your Power

The RedArc system serves as an amplifier, optimizing your power source based on your specific battery type. It can take traditional 13.8 to 13.9 volts and ramp it up as needed, making it suitable for various battery types, including lithium, AGM, or lead-acid.

This camper power upgrade isn't just about keeping the lights on—it's about enhancing your overall camping experience. The Rogue TVMS allows you to add more accessories down the line, from exterior lights to water pumps, making it a versatile choice for any camper enthusiast.

Learn More and Stay Updated

To delve deeper into the details of this impressive power upgrade and how it can elevate your camping adventures, be sure to watch our YouTube video embedded at the top of this article. For even more information and personalized advice, don't hesitate to reach out to us via phone, website, or an in-person visit. We're here to share why this system is a game-changer and how it can benefit you.

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Thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to helping you power up your next adventure!

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