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What's New in 2024 with Scout Campers

What's New in 2024 with Scout Campers

Scout Campers has been turning heads and gaining momentum in the world of overland camping, and their 2024 lineup is set to take things to the next level. If you're a fan of outdoor adventures and have your eye on a new slide-in camper, you won't want to miss out on what Scout Campers has in store. In this article, we'll dive into the exciting updates and enhancements coming to the 2024 Scout Camper models.


Scout Campers: A Rising Star in the Overland World

Scout Campers has been making waves in the overland camping community, and for good reason. Their forward-thinking approach, featuring hard-side composite walls and a modular concept, has had a profound impact on the industry. As we adventure throughout Colorado, we’re constantly surprised by how many Scout Campers we see. Our showroom has their campers in and out for upgrades every week. It's clear that Scout has quickly become a prominent player in the market, and they're only in their fourth year of operation!

Before delving into the 2024 updates, let's first highlight the significant changes made in 2023. Scout introduced a new polyurethane composite material for their camper panels. The decision to switch materials was driven by supply and quality considerations. The new composite supplier, located in Washington State, allows for closer collaboration and improved quality control.

This new supplier's experience in supplying the aerospace industry ensures impeccable panel thickness tolerances, reducing the risk of delamination. Additionally, the new composite material is lighter, enhancing the camper's overall weight and maneuverability while eliminating the need for panel cutting.


Autoterm Air 2D Diesel Heaters: A Winter Game-Changer

In 2023, Scout integrated Autoterm Air 2D diesel heaters into their camper models, a unique feature in the truck camper market. This decision was driven by user feedback reporting issues with moisture and condensation buildup when using propane fireplaces like the Dickinson Marine Newport P9000. The Autoterm Air 2D diesel heaters offer dry, efficient heating that surpasses propane alternatives. If you use or plan to use your camper in extreme cold conditions, propane can start to struggle when the tank freezes. Diesel heaters keep ticking no matter the winter conditions you camp in. With a focus on providing a cozy camping experience for four-season adventurers, this upgrade was a no-brainer.



New Changes for 2024


RTT Partnership with Go Fast Campers

The most prominent update for 2024 is the transition to Go Fast Campers (GFC) for Scout's rooftop tent options. GFC is a Montana-based company specializing in overland-focused rooftop tents and platform toppers. This partnership is a testament to Scout's commitment to providing top-tier products for their customers.


GFC's meticulous attention to detail, aluminum framing, aluminum latches, and superior tent materials set them apart. One significant advantage is the ease and speed with which you can set up and pack away a GFC tent. The reduced deployment time makes camping even more enjoyable, eliminating the hassle associated with some other rooftop tents.


Expanding Space with the Wider Yoho Floor

In response to the growing need for more interior space and storage, Scout has widened the Yoho floor by 2.5 inches for 2024. Every inch counts in a truck camper, and this enhancement makes a substantial difference in the Yoho model. The redesigned floor area provides additional comfort and convenience without compromising the camper's fitment on mid-size trucks.


It's essential to clarify that the exterior width of the Yoho remains the same, ensuring it still fits perfectly on the intended mid-size truck platforms. The increase in interior floor space is a game-changer for those who crave more room for their adventures.


Streamlined Lighting with a Single Light Bar

Scout is simplifying its lighting system for 2024 by replacing traditional clearance lights with a single light bar on the roof. This change not only reduces the number of roof penetrations but also enhances installation efficiency. The switch to a single light bar is also paired with the addition of the ScanStrut cable gland, further improving the camper's overall quality and durability. This innovative approach demonstrates Scout's commitment to reducing potential leak points and enhancing the customer experience.



Kammok Crosswing Awning: A Quick and Easy Solution

Another exciting option for 2024 is the inclusion of a 7-foot Kammok Crosswing awning. Scout conducted extensive research and analysis, evaluating awnings from nine different vendors based on specific criteria. The Kammok Crosswing emerged as the top choice due to its simplicity, ease of deployment (no ground stakes required), and durability. The awning's ability to withstand a 35 mph drive test speaks volumes about its reliability, and it's proudly engineered in the United States.


To improve shade coverage and accessibility, Scout has relocated the Kammok Crosswing below the window, ensuring a more enjoyable camping experience without the hassles of complex setup. Any current owner knows the struggles of using a step stool or climbing onto the roof to open up their awning.


Standard Features: Interior Ceiling Brackets and Porch Light

For added convenience and functionality, all 2024 Scout models will come standard with interior ceiling brackets and a hard-wired porch light switch. These upgrades were driven by customer demand and feedback. The ceiling brackets have proven to be invaluable for various storage solutions, making them a logical inclusion in the standard package. As for the porch light, the switch to a hard-wired solution ensures reliable lighting throughout the night, catering to off-grid camping enthusiasts.



Protecting Innovation: Scout Campers' Patent

Adventurer Manufacturing has been granted a patent for the Scout product, a testament to the unique design and innovation behind Scout Campers. This patent not only safeguards their investment but also opens doors for future advancements and enhancements. As the marketplace shows a growing appetite for Scout's products and concepts, this patent ensures that Scout Campers can continue to build, innovate, and create even better solutions in the future.


Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

While 2024 brings exciting updates to existing models, Scout Campers' main focus remains on the 2024 Scout Tuktut designed for mid-size trucks like Tacomas, Rangers, and Mavericks. The initial reception for the Tuktut has been overwhelmingly positive, with high levels of interest and bookings even before customers had a chance to see it in person. Scout Campers is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and continuously improving its offerings, making them a leading player in the overland camping world.


Visit our Showroom to see all Scout Camper Models

If you're as passionate about outdoor adventures as Scout Campers, consider paying us a visit in Denver, CO. We have all four models of Scout, available for viewing and same day pickup, as well as a wealth of knowledge about truck camping and overlanding to share. Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions and provide solutions to your adventure needs. If you’d like to upgrade your camper to include some of these 2024 upgrades, contact us and we would be happy to discuss your goals.

To see every model of camper we have available in-stock, check out these quick YouTube videos detailing each unit. Our inventory webpage also details each unit, their options, and price.

In conclusion, the 2024 updates from Scout Campers represent a leap forward in quality, convenience, and innovation. Whether you're an avid camper or a newcomer to overland adventures, Scout Campers' commitment to delivering the best products for your outdoor escapades is evident in every detail. With their dedication to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Scout Campers is poised to remain a trailblazer in the world of overland camping for years to come. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience these updates for yourself – start planning your next adventure with Scout Campers today!

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