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We have developed the Ultimate Land Cruiser 200 Series Camp Package like no other package we have done before. This is the XL Version which consists of the CampKitchen 2.4 and appropriate components.

The Ultimate Chef Package XL includes the following items:

  • Land Cruiser 200 Series Plate Systemâ„¢
  • CampKitchen 2.4
  • Single Drawer Module - 19-3/16"W x 9.5"H x 40"D 
  • Land Cruiser Utility Storage Module behind CampKitchen 

This package uses every available cubic inch we could. Featuring the CampKitchen 2.4 which is great for the most popular fridges. With a tray made to house stoves similar in size to the Cook Partner 9" single burner, 18", 20", and 22" double burners as well. 

The Single Drawer Module is a new LONGER size at 19-3/16" wide x 9.5" tall and 40" deep. This module also includes the top plate that extends and covers the wheel well on the passengers side and has an access door for the space behind the wheel well.

Behind the CampKitchen 2.4 we have a new mini module that is secure and lockable and that continues the flat storage from the single drawer around the back of the CampKitchen.


Images shown are of the standard dimension package.




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