Campers Available In-Stock and Ready for Same Day Pickup!

We have developed the Ultimate Land Cruiser 60 Camp Package like no other package we have done before. This package uses every available cubic inch we could.

The package includes the following parts: 

  • Land Cruiser 60 Series Plate System
  • CampKitchen 2.2
  • Single Drawer Module - 22-3/16"W x 9.5"H x 40"D
  • Land Cruiser Utility Storage Module behind CampKitchen
  • Land Cruiser 60 Series Second Row Seat Delete Plate System - Module Height 
    • 50% Driver Seat Delete 
    • 50% Passenger Seat Delete 

The CampKitchen 2.2 which is great for the most popular fridges as well as feature a tray made to house stoves similar in size to the Cook Partner 9" single burner, 18. 20 and 22" double burners as well. 

The Single Drawer Module is sized at 22-3/16" wide x 9.5" tall and 40" deep.

Behind the CampKitchen 2.2 we have a new mini module that is secure and lockable and that continues the flat storage from the single drawer around the back of the CampKitchen. In our build we managed to install our Group 31 lithium battery inside of this module.

This package includes everything in the Ultimate Chef System as well as the Second Row Delete Platforms and Storage.

The overall length if the sleep platform from the rear tailgate to the back of the front seats measures 68-1/2". This is measured with the front row seats in the full back position at a normal reclined driving position. The seat delete design will work with Scheelmann seats as well.



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