FeBRRRuary Special: Free Truma Propane Heater with Any New AT Overland Topper!

Pesky kids tracking mud into your cab? Adventure dog getting hair all over your clothes? Fancy overland gear taking up all your rear seat space?

With the Flatirons Overland attic storage net, you can store any of your light items like jackets, hats, gloves, pillows, etc. up and away from your gear or passengers. Place your smaller items like gloves or beanies in the pocket of the net or throw the bigger jackets and shirts up on top of the net. Flatirons Overland designed the clip points of the net to be close enough to the ceiling that shorter passengers won't have the net resting on their head, as well as not obstructing the driver's view out of the rear window. The rear window is also still 100% operable.



Kits include:

  • Elastic ceiling attic net
  • (4) Black metal headliner clips
  • Installation instructions (will require removal of rear ceiling handles)

*Do not place heavy or dangerous items in the attic storage net. We are not responsible for any misuse of the net.*

Net Dimensions - 12x36"

Fits 2nd Gen Crew Cab Nissan Frontiers

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