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How much you enjoy driving your car or truck is directly proportional to how good it sounds. No matter how much powerit makes or how well the chassis is sorted, a well-designed exhaust can mean the difference between an exciting drive anda dull commute. At Mishimoto, we offer a variety of components to make your exhaust suit your vehicle and your taste,from pipes to V-bands and now resonators and mufflers.----Our universal stainless-steel resonators are designed to bringyour exhaust to life while cutting out drone and rasp. The perforated, fiberglass-packed, straight-through core suppressesunwanted noise while letting your engine growl and breathe freely. The brushed stainless-steel body and precision TIGwelds add a sleek look to your exhaust and withstand even the harshest environments. Our resonators are available with2.5-inch or 3-inch inner-diameter inlets and outlets to easily slip onto existing piping, making them easy to install. Like allMishimoto exhaust parts, these resonators are backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty to ensure your car or trucksounds its best for a lifetime to come.
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