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Building a performance vehicle is a quest for balance between opposing needs. Form vs function. Power vs weight. Strength vs lightness. Most of the time, one of those needs is more important to the build, so the other is sacrificed. But here at Mishimoto, we're done sacrificing. Thanks to our exclusive carbon fiber intercooler, you can have it all: aesthetics, performance, strength, and lightness all rolled into one innovative package. The end tanks are formed from solid 3K twill-woven carbon fiber. Carbon fiber gives our end tanks more strength than aluminum with 70% less weight. Three sizes of custom-engineered cores between the carbon fiber end tanks, combined with 3-inch inlets optimized for flow, ensure our intercooler is up to the task for builds producing up to 950 horsepower and 32 PSI of boost. The one-of-a-kind V-band core clamps hold the end tanks tight to the core under boost without the use of adhesives that can fail after repeated heat cycles. To ensure the end tanks can hold up to the rigors of road or track, they've been independently laboratory tested to SAE J400 standards for gravel impacts. With the Mishimoto carbon fiber intercooler, you don't have to sacrifice performance or strength for lightness. Carbon fiber isn't just strong, it's one of the most stunning raw materials available. Nothing beats the look of precisely woven carbon fiber
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