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Constructed from premium heavy-duty low-stretch material for strength and longevity, the Borne Off-Road Tree Saver Strap is designed to be strong but also easy to handle and smooth to the touch. Our Tree Saver Strap is designed not to store energy through stretching, but to be a solid link to connect to trees for winching and snatching. Whether utilizing a recovery ring, a snatch block, or connecting directly to your winch line. This allows you to connect to a tree safely and securely without damaging the tree or your equipment. To provide the most adaptability, we made the Borne Off-Road Tree Saver Strap 8 feet long and 3 inches wide to provide a maximum break strength of 31,500 pounds, with a working load limit of 10,500 pounds. The large reinforced anti-abrasion end loops provide ease of use and added strength and durability. Complete your off-road recovery tool setup with the Borne Off-Road Soft Shackles Recovery Rings, Snatch Blocks, and Kinetic Energy Recovery Ropes! As with all our products, the Borne Off-Road Tree Saver Strap includes our signature Lifetime Warranty.
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