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When you’re hanging on a 50 degree incline or buried in mud up to the doors, sometimes you just need brute strength to get past the obstacle. Instead of using dangerous, failure prone chains, reach for your Borne Off-Road Tow Strap to get you through.----The Borne Off-Road Tow Strap is a perfect addition to help keep you prepared for whatever may come. Constructed from premium heavy-duty low-stretch PolyBlend material for pure strength and longevity, the Borne Off-Road Tow Strap is designed to be strong and dependable, but also easy to handle and smooth to the touch. The reinforced anti-abrasion end loops provide you with durable attachment points. With its own storage bag, this is the perfect tow strap to keep in your rig, because you never know when you may need to give someone a pull, or when you may need to get pulled out yourself. With a max break strength of 41,600 pounds, this tow strap is ready to take on the roughest of recovery scenarios.----Complete your recovery tool setup with our Borne Off-Road Traction Board Set and Borne Off-Road Soft Shackle 1/2-in or Borne Off-Road Soft Shackle, 7/16-in.----As with all our products, the Borne Off-Road 4-in tow strap includes our signature Lifetime Warranty.
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