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The Borne Off-Road Soft Shackle serves as a lightweight, ultra-strong alternative to traditional metal D-ring shackles. Constructed from a high-strength, woven HMPE material, our soft shackles are UV and abrasion resistant, safer to use, up to 50% lighter and up to three times as strong as comparable size metal shackles. The single piece construction means that there are no pins, pieces, or latches to fail or lose on the trail. They even float on water! With a working load rating of 13,200 pounds, our soft shackles are tough enough to be used in place of traditional metal shackles for any recovery situation. Measuring 20-inches long, the flexible HMPE material allows you to easily attach to any recovery points on your vehicle. Soft and lightweight, they are easy to carry in your rig in the included storage bag. No more worrying about D-rings rattling around or damaging your bumper. Perfect to use with the Borne Off-Road Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope, 3/4" or the Borne Off-Road Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope, 7/8". Borne Off-Road Soft Shackles are the easiest, most convenient recovery attachment solution available, and as with all our products, includes our signature Lifetime Warranty.
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