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The GP Factor License Plate Relocation Kit is hands down the easiest kit to install and the best quality on the market. The kit remounts your license plate to your spare tire for a clean, durable look. Most license plate relocation kits on the market are a pain to install as they require a mounting piece that requires removal of your spare tire and spare hub cap. With the GP kit, you do not need to remove your spare tire or hub cap!

The kit utilizes custom stainless extended lug nuts we designed to work with a wide array of aftermarket and factory wheels, accounting for various common offsets. The bracket is durable, laser-cut, powder-coated steel.

The kit comes with all of the hardware needed to relocate your license plate, and remount your third brake light to the kit if desired or needed through the existing third bracket like mounting screw holes. (recommend cutting third brake light off factor plastic bracket)

The kit also includes a prewired harness with Delphi weather pack connector and attached license plate LED light to stay compliant with required DOT laws. The connector allows for easy removal and includes 10ft+ of wire with the harness to rewire to your vehicle.

Kits are fully compatible with all JEEP JK models.

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