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Embark on your next motorcycle adventure with confidence and precision using the Garmin Zumo XT. Its rugged design ensures reliability in even the harshest conditions, while the large and clear 5.5-inch touchscreen display provides excellent visibility for effortless navigation. The device's adventure routing feature opens up a world of exploration, suggesting exciting routes tailored to your preferences, and the preloaded topographic maps offer detailed information about terrain, elevations, and points of interest.
Stay connected and informed throughout your ride with the Zumo XT's smart features. Receive live traffic and weather updates, make hands-free calls, and stay on top of notifications from your smartphone. Whether you're riding solo or in a group, the Zumo XT has you covered. With the Group Ride Tracker, you can easily keep tabs on your fellow riders and make sure no one gets left behind. Join the Garmin Adventurous Routing community, share your routes, and discover new adventures, all while making the most of your motorcycle journey with the Garmin Zumo XT.
  • Rugged and Reliable: The Garmin Zumo XT is a premium motorcycle GPS navigator designed for adventure riders, featuring a durable, weather-resistant construction that can withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Large and Clear Display: With its 5.5-inch glove-friendly touchscreen, the Zumo XT provides a crystal-clear, sunlight-readable display, ensuring optimal visibility even in bright outdoor environments.
  • Adventure Routing: Discover new routes and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations with the Zumo XT's adventure routing feature, which suggests exciting and thrilling rides tailored to your preferences.
  • Topographic Mapping: The device comes preloaded with detailed topographic maps, providing riders with a comprehensive view of terrain contours, elevations, and points of interest for a seamless navigation experience.
  • Live Traffic and Weather Updates: Stay informed on the go with real-time traffic and weather updates displayed directly on the Zumo XT, allowing you to make informed decisions and avoid delays.
  • Hands-Free Calling and Smart Notifications: Stay connected while riding by pairing the Zumo XT with your compatible smartphone, enabling hands-free calling, text message notifications, and music control.Group Ride Tracker: Effortlessly keep track of your fellow riders during group adventures with the
  • Zumo XT's Group Ride Tracker, which allows you to see the location of everyone in your group on the map display.
  • Explore the Garmin Adventurous Routing Community: Join a community of like-minded riders, share routes, and discover new adventures through the Garmin Adventurous Routing feature, making every journey unforgettable.
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