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Take your off-road journeys to new heights with the Garmin Tread XL - Baja Chase Edition. Whether you're exploring the remote trails of the Baja Peninsula or venturing into uncharted territory, this GPS navigator provides superior off-road navigation, access to dynamic trail content, and seamless integration with your vehicle's systems. Prepare for the wild, stay connected, and push the limits of your off-road experiences with the Garmin Tread XL - Baja Chase Edition.

  • Superior Off-Road Navigation: The Garmin Tread XL - Baja Chase Edition provides detailed, off-road mapping that guides you through the most challenging terrains with confidence. Explore unmapped trails, deserts, forests, and dunes with ease.
  • Rugged Durability: This edition is built to withstand the toughest conditions, featuring an ultra-durable construction that's resistant to shock, water, and dust. It's ready to accompany you on any wild adventure.
  • Preloaded Baja Routes: Discover the legendary Baja Peninsula like never before. With preloaded Baja routes, you can follow in the tracks of off-road racing champions and experience the excitement of the Baja 1000 from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Integrated InReach® Satellite Communication: Stay connected even in remote areas. The Garmin Tread XL - Baja Chase Edition includes inReach technology, allowing you to send and receive messages, track your location, and request help in case of emergencies.
  • Live Weather Updates: Stay ahead of changing weather conditions with live weather updates displayed on the Tread XL's large, sunlight-readable touchscreen. Plan your routes and adapt to the environment accordingly.
  • Track Recorder: Capture every off-road adventure with the built-in track recorder. This feature allows you to save and share your routes, waypoints, and favorite off-road spots, creating a digital journal of your thrilling journeys.
  • Dynamic Trail Content: Gain access to an extensive database of trail content, including crowd-sourced information on trail difficulty, obstacles, and even photos. Make informed decisions and explore new routes confidently.
  • Vehicle Integration: Seamlessly integrate the Garmin Tread XL with your vehicle's systems, such as speed, RPM, and even tire pressure monitoring (additional sensors may be required). Keep a close eye on your vehicle's performance as you conquer the off-road.
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