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The Garmin Tread audio system delivers premium quality audio that you can take on any adventure and is designed for any off-road powersport vehicle. it comes with multiple audio sources. The built-in speaker LEDs let you control and even sync colors to your music.Enjoy the flexible setup designed for any side-by-side or other off-road vehicle.The rugged design helps withstand bumpy rides and weather conditions, so your music never skips a beat.Get everything you need for music: two 6.5” XS-LED tower speakers, the Tread audio box with LED controller and a wireless remote.

The Garmin Tread audio system pairs with the Tread® app on your compatible smartphone or Tread® device to display music and settings.A wireless remote is included for convenient control.The IP67 design is built to withstand dust, water and weather conditions, so your music will keep playing through rough terrain. you can choose from thousands of colors for your speakers. You can even sync your speakers to pulse to your music. When paired with your Tread navigator (sold separately), you can sync to your vehicle speed, or match your vehicle’s marker on the map for group rides.A universal design is built for any side-by-side or off-road powersport vehicle.

Garmin Tread audio system Features:

  • Audio System with LED Controller
  • Garmin Tread audio box (does not play CDs)
  • Multiple Audio Source Includes:
    - AM/FM
    - AUX & Bluetooth
    - Built-In Speaker
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Tread App Compatible
  • Rugged Design
  • Flexible Setup
  • Full Audio System
  • Custom LED Speakers
  • Wireless Remote Included

In The Box:
  • Tread Audio Box with LED controller
  • Two 6.5” XS-LED tower speakers with tube mounts
  • Wireless remote
  • Wiring
  • Documentation

    • Works with Garmin Models:
      • Fusion®: XS Series Marine Subwoofers, XS Series Marine Wake Tower Speakers
      • Tread®: App, base Edition, Overland edition SxS edition, XL - Overland Edition
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