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It all starts with our Bed Plate Systemâ„¢

We worked with the Alu-Cab team to develop a interior system for the all new Alu-Cabin, Full Size Canopy Camper. This Bed Plate System™  is the foundation for the Goose Gear® interior.

The Alu-Cabin Bed Plate System™ is designed to install in the bed of a Ram 1500 (DT) and 1500 TRX. This Bed Plate System is designed and built with industrial grade plywood and coating using our propriety spray methods for superior durability and wear resistance.

The Plate System™ requires drilling into the vehicle bed for proper and safe installation. Once the Plate System™ is installed you can easily add or remove Alu-Cabin Modules as needed. With integrated anchor points throughout the plate.

The Ram 1500 is available in two different styles, both are available for the 5th Gen. (2019-2022).

  • DT style has a squared shaped gas cover 
  • DS style  has a rounded shaped gas cover and is commonly on Classic trim level.  

The product options are laid out in the following format and sold separately (See image below):

  • Drivers Front Utility Module
  • Drivers Rear Utility Module OR Double Drawer Module
  • Passenger Front Utility Module
  • Passenger Rear Utility Module OR Double Drawer Module


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