FeBRRRuary Special: Free Truma Propane Heater with Any New AT Overland Topper!

The REDARC 10A Solar Regulator ensures the correct charge is supplied safely and efficiently to charge an auxiliary battery. Available with Anderson™ SB™50 connectors.. REDARC’S newly designed 10 Amp Solar Regulator comes with the Anderson™ SB™50 connectors and works with the 115-watt SunPower® and the 112-watt Amorphous cell blanket. REDARC’s 10 Amp Solar Regulator acts as the go between to transfer power generated from the panels to the battery. Multi-stage charging- boost, absorption, and float. Works with multiple battery types (REDARC Solar Remote Monitor required). Ideal for permanent installation or portable systems. Multiple levels of protection – over temperature, over charge, reverse polarity

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