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We have a saying at Adventure Vehicle Outfitters, "we can be all things to all people".  What does that mean exactly?  It means when our customer purchases a Ronin it becomes an extension of who they are, what they do and what they need a modern day conveyance to do for them.

The base Ronin comes as a 2 wheel drive vehicle with a Jekyll/Hyde personality.  When you need a do everything all-a-rounder to take you to work and the kids to the dentist the Ronin does it in style and functionality, with your iPad mounted in the dash your personal assistant is always ready.  Email, reminders, music, news, weather and sports all this information is at your fingertips and by using SIRI it can be done with your bluetooth connection so there is never a distraction.

 The weekend is here and Hyde wants to play!  Heading out with the guys to your favorite off road spot?  Unleash the powerful standard 5.3L V8* with its rear wheel drive and traction control turned off for plenty of dirt roosting fun.  Ladies, a tour through wine country on your to-do list?  Let SIRI help you make your reservations to help get things started and with google maps you'll never be lost (unless you want to be) and all of your music in one place to keep it lively!

If you are an outdoor enthusiast you wont want to be without an Ronin, the (removable) roof storage pod when opened all the way allows for (optional) mosquito netting and privacy cloth so two adults can sleep inside on top of a memory foam mattress (also optional).  The rear hatch lifts up and when you attach our (optional) stand up changing/potty room, we actually have a toilet seat that slides into the receiver hitch.  The Ronin in 4 wheel drive is a capable and extremely competent off roader so spending time under the stars is quite possibly the perfect way to end your day.  If that wasnt enough to satisfy your outdoor urges the storage pod can be removed and used as a flat bottomed "John" boat for fishing or hunting.

If your business is being a tradesman than we can configure the Ronin to work for you, in addition to the roof pod being removable and a basket/ladder rack in its place the base Ronin can tow 7500 LBS, along with room for up to 6 adults, iPad interface in the dash keeping track of employee hours, job site requirements, calendar appointments, and the ability to FaceTime with clients, we know work.  If you need more power there is an available big block with 700HP available to do your bidding and diesel is an option as well in both a V6 and V8 platform.

Work and play in one package, finally a reason to get out bed in the morning.

There's a reason we say, "only a Ronin"

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